Why Your Videos Need To Be On YouTube

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Why Your Videos Need To Be On YouTube

YouTube is a wonderful online video network for displaying your business brand and creating backlinks.


But before you jump into creating your own YouTube channel, let’s consider the complexities of YouTube and its ability to assist you to grow your business online.

The beginnings of YouTube

Video sharing website YouTube started out in February 2005. It was the idea of three PayPal employees, and the company first uploaded videos from April 2005.

YouTube soon became one of the fastest growing websites ever created and was averaging about 80 million visitors each day when it was purchased by Google in October 2006. At this time, YouTube had only 65 employees.

You can read a detailed history of YouTube here and more about the interesting origins of the company here.

Under Google’s ownership, the video sharing website grew to offer live streaming services, and launched local versions and advertising features.


YouTube today

Today, YouTube boosts over one billion users. That’s almost a third of everyone that accesses the internet!

And with about 4 billion video viewers each day, it is not hard to believe that there are on average 6 billion hours of video watched every month on YouTube!


So how can your business benefit from YouTube?

There is not doubt the online video world is a crowded market, with an estimated 300 hours of new web videos uploaded to YouTube every minute.

However no other video content network has the global reach of YouTube.

Consider these YouTube facts that prove the universal appeal of YouTube:

  • YouTube reaches over a billion users worldwide.
  • The website is available in local versions in 88 countries.
  • YouTube offers web videos in 76 different languages, which means 95% of the Internet population can view video content online with YouTube.

Plus, You Tube is smartphone friendly.

Over half of those views of video content on YouTube video content is from mobile devices, and those who watch from mobile phones are spending a huge 40 minutes or more accessing video content.

For businesses that know their demographic is mobile friendly, YouTube is the perfect option for displaying video content.

YouTube also offers greater potential for your video content to be shared, with this social media platform being likely to be shared on other platformed such as Facebook.

Does your business need high definition quality web videos to help you get noticed on YouTube?


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