Things Great Ads Do That Aren’t Even Noticed

Great Ads

Things Great Ads Do That Aren’t Even Noticed

When you are watching TV, or checking out You Tube or your Facebook page, great advertising sucks you in without you even being aware of it.

Yes, it is true. We are all drawn into advertising messages that are entertaining, or motivating, or even emotionally challenging. Commercials that make an impact on our life, even for just a few moments, mean that we pay attention to the brand and the message.

Effective advertising impacts on how we feel and act – whether we feel safe, confident, guilty or happy or sad. And advertisers, scriptwriters and filmmakers work at making us feel that purchasing a brand’s goods or services are good for us.



So what makes a successful tv commercial?


Here are six things to include in your tv ad or web commercial

Know your customer

Research your audience and consider what information they will want to know. The most important thing is connecting with your potential customer’s, so make sure every aspect of your video content is produced with your audience in mind: your message, script, tone, offer and call to action must all convince your target audience that your product or service is offering what they need.


A tv commercial should identify the company or product being advertised

It may seem trite to say, but viewers need to know what is being advertised. If your audience has no clue what you are selling or who you are are, no matter how spectacular your tv commercial or web advertising, how can they purchase from you?


Don’t sound scripted

Ensure your script is natural, not robotic. Don’t attempt to cram in too much language, or large complicated words.
Keep it simple and brief, and talk in a natural and conversational tone.
If you need an experienced scriptwriter hire a professional sound natural to ensure your concept is fully realised.


Focus on one purpose

Don’t diminish the strength of your message by concentrating on too many elements. A short and simple video that focuses on one purpose is more effective and easier to communicate that a longer video that discusses five features. For a stronger impact and more convincing message keep the spotlight on one detail only.


Tell a story

Entertain your audience with a story that can put your product or services into context. Using a story in your advertising offers many benefits:

  • Stories are relatable
  • They offer the use of emotion and allow your audience to feel connected
  • Stories give you the chance to show off your your product or service and its features
  • Benefits can be highlighted
    You can identify known objections and offer a solution to a proble


Always create your video content in high definition video

Using poorer quality video is indicative of an unwillingness to invest in your business, and can reflect badly on your brand’s reputation and credibility. Conversely, the clarity and exceptional quality offered by HD video demonstrates that your business takes its marketing strategy seriously.

If your business intends on making its tv commercial multipurpose use, including online, it is best served with high-quality video to guarantee users have an optimal experience when they download the video content.

With the lower costs of quality high definition video production, plus the opportunities for business to bundle their TV advertising and re-purpose finished commercial for web advertising and on social media, there are so many viable options for creating unique tv commercials and expanding your brand’s reach.

Consider your brand’s options for effective cross-platform advertising your tv commercial on your website, blogs, social media and much more.

Talk to a video production expert at Apollo Films about creating an affordable tv commercial that grows your business.