Testimonial Videos Work! Here’s Why!

Testimonial Videos Work! Here’s Why!

Genuine testimonials are a powerful form of video marketing.


Creating web videos with customer success stories are a great way to build your business. 


Testimonial videos are proven to create more clients and boost your online sales more than any other type of video content.


Testimonial videos build trust

Build trust by presenting authentic testimonials from your current satisfied clients that provide irrefutable social proof that your product or service offers true benefits. We talked about the power of using social proof in our blog. Social proof is the concept that people like to see others act before they do, and are often going to do something because other people say it is good, so it must be good.

With testimonial video content of real customers, you can use the concept of social proof reassure your potential clients that your products or services will benefit them.

The level of trust web videos can create is powerful for a business, with research indicating that 88% of people trust online reviews written by other consumers as much as they trust recommendations from personal contacts.

Testimonial videos show rather than tell 

With a testimonial video, you have the unique opportunity of showing how your products or services work.

This is a powerful business tool and the chance to offer real comments from real people discussing specific results.

Create authentic videos of real people who are previous customers, people who are are honest and down-to-earth and relatable, who describe specifically how they benefited from the product or service make the most impact. In other words, those scripted testimonials that say simply “great product!” are going to get you nowhere.

Testimonial videos boost your brand’s credibility

Testimonial video content can help to overcome objections to purchasing from your business and persuade skeptical customers about your products or services by offering an honest, impartial viewpoints.

Deliver your brand’s message from an honest perspective, by a real person, who can reassure your audience about the benefits and value they can receive from your business.

Testimonial videos can boost your sales

Testimonials can increase your profit. While written testimonials increased customer conversion rates by 25% , video testimonials boost conversion rates by 201%!

Why? Many consider the reason to be psychological. When we see a person using a product, we are likely to see ourselves using it too. That is the power of video.

At Apollo Films we work with our clients to produce motivating testimonial video content.


With so many possibilities for engaging your audience using genuine testimonials, talk to Apollo Films about how you can successfully adopt this video marketing strategy in your business.