Ten Tips For Great Video Testimonials That Work

en Tips For Great Video Testimonials

Ten Tips For Great Video Testimonials That Work

Boost Your Sales With Testimonial Video Content

Genuine testimonial videos has the potential to provide an authentic connection with your brand and business. They allow your audience to see and hear from unbiased third parties why they should purchase from your business.

We have already talked about the importance of offering your prospective customers social proof. You might recall that social proof is the idea that we take our cues from others when we are unsure about what to do.

Using testimonial videos is a way to show your potential customers that you are a credible and reputable business who can be trusted. When clients share their personal success stories, and show and tell how your brand helped them achieve their goals, other customers are assured of your legitimacy.


There is no doubt that video testimonies of positive customer experiences help to boost sales, by allowing potential customers to see other real customers and how their own problems were solved.


Watch this example of a testimonial video Apollo Films created for CBJs The Health Club

You can find out more about this testimonial video content and our work with CBJs The Health Club.

Our ten best tips for making testimony videos that win more customers?

  1. Ask your customers to become involved in your business and provide testimonies after you have completed an outstanding job, or when they are long-standing customers
  2. Don’t allow your success stories to talk to a script. Go unscripted for genuine, credible reviews that are believable and relatable
  3. Keep your testimonies focused on one aspect of your business
  4. Don’t have your testimonials embellish their experience. Honesty is important
  5. Include details of your customers offering their testify, for example their name and job title to add more authority and weight to their comments
  6. Keep your videos short
  7. It’s okay to edit testimonials, however don’t change the meaning
  8. Make a written testimonial of all of your video success stories
  9. Create your testimonial videos in high definition video to ensure you can edit and reuse the film content
  10. Don’t just limit the use of your video testimonials to your website. Post cuts your video testimonials on social media and in newsletters (check out the time limits for video on social media)

When creating videos of success stories, professional, high definition web videos are important to ensure your credibility is maintained. This will ensure that your business can use your video across its website, social media platforms and other marketing such as newsletters.


Talk to Apollo Films about how we can help to create web videos of customer testimonials that will meet your business goals.