Ten Fun Ways to Include Video Content in Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Getting More Conversions With Video

Ten Fun Ways to Include Video Content in Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Investing in web video content as part of your internet marketing strategy makes sense.

Web video are a valuable asset for any business, providing instant access to a unlimited audience and the potential for greater brand awareness.

But getting people to view your digital video content, and share it with others, is not as simple as posting your creative video content online.

For web video to work as a successful part of any internet marketing strategy and attract customers to your business they must be engaging and creative.

Today we list ten simple and fun video content ideas for your internet marketing strategy that will achieve conversions.

Apollo Films can help you with each of these affordable video content ideas!

Getting More Conversions With Video

What’s Happening Behind The Scenes?

Offices hold a wealth of potential video content. Everyone loves to be privy to what happens behind closed doors.

Creative and humorous video marketing campaigns using behind the scenes footage of your business is a great way to build a relationship with your audience.

Street Talk!

People love hearing what others have to say. A chat along the street, or the factory production line, or in the lunch room, filmed then edited to focus on your business message, can highlight your business goals with a community feel.

For a great example of a hilarious street interview, check out this <a “href=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opRMrEfAIiI” target=”_blank” video series on Jimmy Kimmel asking about password security. A great tie-in for a security company!

The Staff Member Product Demo

Get a staff member to show how a product works and highlight its features and uses. With the added authenticity of a member of the team as the face of your the video content, there is the ability to create maximum impact and relatability.

Think about national hardware chain Bunnings or bakery Baker’s Delight – their advertising is built around their staff, and is overwhelmingly effective at building a relationship of trust with their audience.

The Piss Take

A video that has its risks to produce – consider the backlash Michelle Bridge coped for her Woolworths frozen meals ad where she called people who grew their own veggies freaks. But of course, she did achieve notoriety!


Show Your Human Side

We all love it when businesses show us they are people too. Engage your audience by demonstrating your human side, for example create video content tied into seasonal events like Christmas or large sporting events, or your connection with a charity.

Mock it up!

Create a short film or a workplace mock-u-mentary. Consider your own CSI adventure. CSI Kitchen – Who Stole Dave’s Coffee Cup? Or a mock-u-mentary David Attenborough style into the workings of the photocopier.

Don’t take yourself seriously and you might just get millions of new fans. Consider the work of Delta Airlines in this Safety Video

The Soap Opera

Thanks to AAMI’s romantic advertising series everyone knows who Ronda and Ketut are. On social media a guy named BatDad has a huge following. Personality, a bit of humour and storytelling are your greatest drawcard for video.

Work with a professional video agency like Apollo Films to create your storyline and a series that can keep your social media audience entertained and wanting more.

Own Your Perceived Drawbacks

Recently Leggos won us over admitting they knew we couldn’t open their iconic tub of tomato paste. Now it’s your turn.

Create a Series

Use short and creative videos that each focus on one benefit (see our blog 5 Insider Tips for Creating a Promotional Video that Converts to Sales). Take the audience through each function of a production individually to create a succinct series of video.

Slow Down Time

Short videos of about 30 seconds are the best length for web video content. This doesn’t leave a lot of time to showcase a sequence. Use video production features such as time-lapse and speeding up video film, you can powerfully engage your audience and demonstrate all the key benefits of your product.