Training Videos

Sharpen your arsenal of business learning tools with video courses and training video.


Apollo Films is able to assist you in creating quality training and instructional videos. This might include videos for courses or training videos for employees.


From small businesses such as trades and building industry specialists, to large scale corporate clients, Apollo Films can support your business and produce high quality, stimulating technical skill videos.


Whether you are seeking workplace health and safety  videos, safety videos, educational videos on new products and processes, or want to capture staff knowledge and valuable IP, creating video content is a proven way to safeguard valuable business assets.


Our experience in technical video production will ensure your message is communicated effectively and your audience is engaged. We appreciate you are investing in your business, and work with our clients to make training videos the best possible interactive learning tools.


For an example of the impact a high quality video can have as a learning tool, watch this industry training video created by Apollo Films for our client, Fortune 500 Company, Henry Schein Halas, instructing professional staff on the use of new dental equipment.

Professional Film Services