Making The Best Training Videos That Promote your Business

Making The Best Training Videos That Promote your Business

Training videos are a smart investment for any business. 


Whether you are making a training video for your employees, to accompany a product provided to customers, or to post as a web video for clients to use to further their own personal growth at home, training and instructional videos are an effective tool that adds value to your business.


However you plan to use training videos in your business – to develop staff skills or as an added service to customers – your video must effectively communicate its message.


Review these simple steps to ensure the production of your next training video creates an effective business product.

Step One: Define Your Audience

The first important step when creating a training video, regardless the type of business, is to know who you are creating your video content for.

Every audience has different needs, so the more specific you can be in defining your training video’s audience, the better focused your team of professionals will be when they create your video content.

For example, an employee training video for new staff will be have a different focus message than a workplace training video aimed at showing current employees how to operate a new computer system.


Step Two: Know What Learning Outcomes You Want To Achieve

Define the key learning goals for creating your instructional video.

It may sound simplistic, but to make sure any instructional video achieves its purpose, you first need to be sure the video content actually tells your viewers what they need to know.

Ask yourself, “what do you want your audience to take away from watching the video content?”

If the video is part of an educational course or video series, make sure you are clear about the exact topic this training video will be explaining.


Step Three: Concept First

Before handing the reigns over to your professional scriptwriting team, consider the concept for your training video.

Training videos for businesses must be tackled with the same planning and pre-production as any video production. Which means first brainstorming a powerful concept.

With a focused concept, your professional film production team can draft a dynamic script that encapsulates your brand’s values and communicates your message effectively.


Step Four: You Need A Professional Script 

Some businesses make the mistake of assuming that training and educational or instructional videos don’t need a script.

The truth is actually the opposite. With important technical information, branding considerations, and learning outcomes all involved, a script is a must if a stimulating training video is to engage its audience and be successful.

For training videos, a script will also include stimulating features like images, graphs, charts and other learning aids that effectively reinforce your message and keep viewers watching.

During the pre-production phase it is also important to determine how long your instructional video will be. Your professional filmmaking team can advise you on this.


Step Five: Keep It Short and Simple

The biggest blunder made by any filmmaker (amateur or professional) is to create a training video that is too long.

Experts in creating corporate video content, like Apollo Films, are experienced in remaining focused on your learning outcomes. They will develop a sharp script that delivers your message without wasting time.

An experienced scriptwriter can help your business deliver your training message, no matter how complex, and avoid your audience being overloaded and tuning out.

Expect short and simple sentences that are easy for viewers to digest, and void of jargon and technical language when possible.


Step Six: Break It Down

Not only will a professional instructional video script break down detailed information into components and use a friendly tone, it will have a clear order and follow the sequence of events appropriately.

Don’t start in the middle, skip to the end, and then go back to the first step.

Professional video content for business training will be smart about processes, and make use of chapters, subtitles and little indicators along the way to assist the viewer to track their progression.

As well as a accurate progression,your expert filmmaker will create an instructional video that allows viewers to pause and digest information as the video continues.


Step Seven: Expert Editing

By professionally editing plus inserting learning aids and helpful tools such as visuals the overall viewing experience of your training video can be enhanced.

Expert film editing can deliver accuracy to your training video content.

Don’t let viewers get distracted by inappropriate or poor quality visuals. Use professional editing to ensure that onscreen visuals match video voiceovers and instructions being given to the viewer.