Five Tips for Using Video Content on Social Media

Video Content on Social Media

Five Tips for Using Video Content on Social Media

The various social media platforms offer so many opportunities for promotional video content for the modern business.


By posting engaging video content on your social media platforms, business can encourage viewers to click through to their website.


Here are five tips to using video content on your social media to increase traffic to your website and boost your online sales:

Add subtitles to your video content.

Not everyone will be using social media in your home or a place they can turn up the volume, so make sure users in public places or those with hearing impairments can get your message.


Encourage sharing.

Social media is all about sharing. Before you create your video content, ask yourself, “Why will people want to share this?”. Focus on creating video content that is engaging and will get shared.


Keep it short.

Remember each social media platform has different time limits for video content.


Always include your logo.

Promote your brand and build brand recognition. Ensure that when your web video is shared other users know it is your content by placing your logo in a spot that doesn’t cover up the content, like the bottom left corner.


Make your video content search engine friendly.

Good SEO (search engine optimisation) on your video content is a must. Include your keywords in your title and description, and also in your Meta title and meta description. And don’t forget to include hashtags in your post.

With the simple and easy shareability of video via social media tools, there has never been a greater opportunity for business to capitalise on its video content.


Use social media to effectively promote your latest web video and film content across multiple social media channels and get more sales for your business online.


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