Facebook ad boosts video

Facebook ad boosted for one of our clients

Facebook ad boosts video

Video for Facebook Ads

RiteSpace Constructions, the Australia-wide dental practice builders, use video as a key element of their social media marketing strategy.

Each month, we make and post their videos onto their social media channels, along with posts created by our marketing and media arm Apollo’s Agent, and monitor the success of these posts.

RiteSpace’s social channels include: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google and LinkedIn.

The best performing Facebook posts are selected for paid advertising – called a “Boost”. The beauty of boosts is that you can select the location, age, gender and interests of people who your ad will be served to. They are also very cheap to run – but a campaign should be considered to run for several boosts. People usually need to see your brand many times (up to 12 times, some say) before they feel trust.

Case Study: A recent RiteSpace Constructions video, which featured one of their latest projects in Paddington, Brisbane, performed particularly well organically. We then boosted that video post with a Facebook ad, and increased the views of that video by more than 1000%.

For a very small fee (less than $30), the targeted audience we reached was huge: 2884 people viewed the video 4011 times.

Engaging video in a social media post will quickly and effectively tell your story, and is usually the most consumed content type on Facebook. When boosted, that post will spread exponentially further.

Repeated contacts with your audience via engaging content, along with strong calls to action and targeted boosts for a much greater reach, will fuel your sales funnel.


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