Dental Industry Video Content

Australia is a country committed to spending money on dental services

Let’s review the facts!

  • Every year since 2002 – 2003, Australians keep spending more on dental services.
  • As a country, we now spend nearly $9,000 million each year looking after our oral health.
  • Over half of Australia has private health insurance with dental cover.
  • Australians with health insurance are more likely to make annual trips to the dentist (73.7%) compared to 51% annual return dentist visits from those without health insurance.
  • Almost half (44%) of all adult Australians make regular visits to the dentist for check-ups, and 64% of people aged over 5 years annually making a trip to see a dentist.

The Australian Dental Services industry is a $9 billion industry with 2.8% annual growth.


Make sure your business gets its share of this growing market!


Australians use the internet daily


Australians use mobile phones to access the internet


Australians watch videos on our mobile phone

At Apollo Films we believe quality video content is a motivating factor for encouraging potential patients call you.

That is why Apollo Films offers a strategic online marketing alternative to spending money on Google Advertising.

With customised video content that can be used both in your dental practice, on social media to promote your business and traffic more customers, and at industry specific events such as trade shows to promote your brand, video content is truly a flexible, and innovative way to educate your patients and promote your dental practice.

Create A Dental Educational Video Library That Gets Your Business A Share Of The Growing Market

Apollo Films has created the very first effective Aesthetic and Video Library that we can professionally edit by adding your practice’s branding and logo.

This customised library of video content can be used on your website, used on iPads in your surgery to relax your patients or on your social media to promote your business.

There is no video promotional service like this in the dental industry!

Apollo Films has series of video content that makes it easy for a dental surgery of any size to compete with large corporates online.

Research shows that websites who spend money on google ads without quality video content are simply wasting their investment.

Grow Your Dental Practice With Video Marketing

Create branded video content for your target market

Add value to your service with educational video for your customers

Produce promotional video content to expand your audience

 Marketing Packages Tailored For The Dental Industry

Apollo Films offers two exciting and exclusive video marketing packages for dental practices to create customised web video content

A website commercial filmed at your own dental practice
  • A powerful way to promote your dental practice
  • Includes all aspect of your commercial’s production including script and post-production
  • Half a day of filming at your dental practice
  • Animation of your business logo
  • Your finished website commercial will be ready for you to use in high definition video format
Your own customised patient education video series package
  • An exciting business tool for advertising and educating your patients
  • Choose ten professional educational videos
  • Video content will be customised to suit your dental practice
  • Videos are in high definition video format
  • Videos can be used on your website, social media or You Tube


Grow Your Dental Practice With Video Content

  • Apollo Films is an expert at crafting high definition web video content for the dental industry.
  • We offer affordable video content creation and post-production services
  • Purchase our unique customised series of dentistry educational video series  for your dental practice
  • Talk to us about our competitive priced filmmaking services


Contact us to discuss your options for growing your dental practice with quality video content.

Your dental business can’t afford not to offer professional video content!

Video gets more customers

Video gets more customers

Including a video on your website homepage can increase conversion rates by 20% or more.
(Source: ReelSEO)
Video increases your google ranking

Video increases your google ranking

Having video on the landing page of your website makes it 53% more likely to show up on page 1 of Google, where your potential customers are most likely to look.

(Source: Mist Media)

Apollo Films is ready to help your dental business improve sales with high quality individualised video content.

Call us now to talk about our competitive priced filmmaking services and customised video content for dental practices.