Creating Video Content With A Strong Call To Action

Creating Video Content With A Strong Call To Action

In our blog Harness The Power of A Call To Action, we described how calls to action work in video.

We talked about how your business can use this popular and powerful marketing tool in your video content to increase your conversion rates. Which means getting more sales.

You might recall that calls to action are used to motivate your website audience visitors to convert to customers, by asking users to act in a particular way.

These phrases are often more intensified by being splashed upon a colourful button or displayed in a certain text or image combination, motivating visitors to click and act immediately.

Here are some examples of calls to action that tell a visitor how to act next:

  • Buy Now
  • Join Us Today
  • Sign Up
  • Download Now
  • Get Your Free Trial
  • Claim This Offer

While these phrases may seem simple, they are powerful. They drive an audience to take immediate steps. As a business, the last thing you want is your audience to leave your website and think about your offer. You want your action to act now, to buy immediately.


So what is the secret to including a call to action in promo videos to  drive your audience to act?

This is our strategy for creating video content with a call to action that your audience can’t refuse:

  • Offer entertaining video content that keeps viewers interested and watching
  • Provide valuable information but be careful to stay away from a pure sales pitch
  • Include content that has users starting to think what happens next
  • Show you are genuinely concerned about the your viewer’s best interests
  • Engage your viewers  with solutions to problems
  • Discuss the benefits or your services or products
  • Get your viewers thinking about what will naturally come next
  • Motivate your viewers to take action now
  • Work a clear and logical progression through to your call to action
  • End with a simple call to action telling your viewers what to do next

Our best advice?


Forget the overt sales pitch and focus on securing your audience’s trust by providing professional, high quality video content that is motivating and engaging.


If your audience connects with your message, your relevant and well-placed call to action will be embraced.


Work with a filmmaking team that is expert in creating engaging video content.

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