Christmas Planning: Is Your Business Ready For The Silly Season?

Christmas Planning

Christmas Planning: Is Your Business Ready For The Silly Season?

In our blog post, “Why Video Marketing Works”, we talked about why it is essential for all businesses to create a video marketing strategy.  If you are still unsure about want video marketing means, or what to see the statistics of how video marketing works, read that blog here.


Today, we are giving you just five simple ways you can incorporate your current portfolio of video content into your seasonal marketing to boost your user engagement.

Boost 1. Look To Your Analytics

Crafting the appropriate message over the silly season will depend entirely on your demographic.

Do your research to know who your target market is. Learn what motivates your customers and what your target market most wants to hear and how they like to hear it.

All this information will help you determine an appropriate seasonal message and create your marketing campaign.

Then start adding a unified message to your website and social media, and of course creating video content that focuses on that sole message.

There is no doubt that video marketing can have a positive impact on your website traffic over the Christmas and new year period, with video known to attract two to three times as many monthly visitors to a website, plus causing visitors to stay on your website another minute or two.

Boost 2. Newsletters

Especially over the Christmas period, when our inboxes are overloaded with special offers and suggestive sells, getting your customers to open your email is a huge feat. How to achieve it? With video!

Offer video in your newsletters to increase your open rates and click through rates.

There is solid research that shows customers are 50% more likely to read your newsletter if it includes video.

You may be surprised to learn that simply using the word “video” in an email subject line can increase open rates of newsletters by 19%, and click-through rates can jump by a massive 65%. As an added bonus, including the word “video” in your newsletter subject line also reduces unsubscribe rates by 26%.

Boost 3. Ensure You Offer a Responsive Website

A responsive website looks good on all devices, whether the visitor  is accessing it via a desktop, smartphone or tablet. A responsive website design will adapt and automatically adjust and resize the webpages so they do not look distorted and the content can be read.

Find out what devices your audience use to access your content.

According to We Are Social,  77% of Australians now use smartphones and 41% tablets. Australians spend just over an hour each day on their smartphone accessing the internet, and one hour 9 minutes on social media (on any device). Also, 25% of Australians use their mobiles to watch videos.

What does this all mean? Don’t risk turning off your potential customers. With such popularity of smartphones and tablets, make sure the best version of your website is available for everyone to use.

Boost 4. Rejuvenate your Homepage

Your homepage is your business greeting to new customers. It your business’s way of saying, “welcome, how can we help you?”.

And with  70% of Australians looking to the internet to search for products or services to buy, your homepage should be putting out a big smiling welcome mat this festive season.

This Christmas, why not add a fast-paced video clip to your website’s homepage to engage visitors and get them interested in your products?

Create a landing page with video (read our blog post) and you could expect up to 80% more conversions and will also improve your search engine rankings. So much so, your website is 53% more likely to show up on page 1 of Google!

Studies have shown that adding video content to main pages on your website (not just your landing page) will not just influence your search results, but can also increase your conversion rates by 20% and reduce the number of consumer returns. Translation: More profit for your business!

We know that the average user spends 88% more time on a website that has video content. This means your customers are spending more time browsing your products and services, and you have more time to convince them to make a purchase from you!

Boost 5: Get Social

During the festive season, it is important not to forget your social media.

Web videos are wonderful promotional tools because of their multipurpose nature. Post snippets on social media, or full-length advertisements, short PR video, testimonial videos – anything that will spike your demographic’s interest, can be shared with your audience.

Given that 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others, it is crucial any web videos you post on social media are entertaining and high quality videos.

Make the most of your investment in video content and use your web videos across your website and social media platforms to add value to your brand.

Use video to not just give your business a boost over the Christmas and New Year period, but to create momentum for 2019.


Adding video content to your website will place your website higher in search engine rankings, presenting your business to more potential customers.