Augmented Reality

Bring your product to life with Augmented Reality


The future of engaging your customers.

There is no better way to connect with an audience than by bringing your product to life. An engaging AR experience hooks customers into your message, and gets them wanting more.


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Augmented Reality brings your product to life with engaging video content – enabling you to connect with your audience in a powerful way.

How does it work?

Create AR marker


1. Designate marker

This is usually an image, logo or business card. You will probably already have a suitable image to use for your marker, or a unique marker can be created for a specific promo.



Create AR experience


2. Link experience

Link to your engaging Apollo Films video, animated fly through, 3D model, or more.




Market your AR experience


3. Market your experience

Distribute your marker and the UnifiedAR app to your audience. This could be through a brochure, magazine, signage, or so much more.




Test Drive the AR App

Download the UnifiedAR app from Apple or Android app store onto your phone.


Try the UnifiedAR app for yourself and scan the Apollo Films logo (below) on another screen.