The Anatomy of a Film Shoot

The Anatomy of a Film Shoot

Developing your concept into a completed business or corporate film is quite a process.


From your initial idea right through to your video being available for your customers to view online, there are so many tasks involved in producing high quality video or film.


Here is just an overview of each stage in the filmmaking production process for corporate and business video content. The actual process will vary depending on the complexity of the film or video being created.

Concept Development

It all begins with an idea.

We talked about this in our blog “Creating A Powerful Concept For Your Corporate Video

In that blog, as well as providing a simple five step checklist for creating your video concept, we shared the definition of a film concept.

A concept is basically the overarching idea a film or video will convey.

Your idea about what type of video content you want created for your business can be turned into a concept and then developed into a script.

It is essential to commence your film project with a clear and powerful concept.

If you cannot do so yourself, collaborate with a professional filmmaking team, like Apollo Films, and start your film project focused on your business objectives.

Having a clear concept allows your professional scriptwriter to draft a strong and meaningful script that both achieves your business goals and develops the emotion connection necessary to engage to your target audience. It also means that your video can effectively flaunting your brand’s positive features and values.


Once your concept is turned into a script, pre-production can commence.

This is the planning stage.

First up, the team responsible for the creation of you video content will be formed. Who makes up the team will depend on the requirements of the film shoot.

Generally you can expect a producer, director, director of photography editor and sound. In some productions, filmmaking professional may combine these roles.

A Producer is the person responsible for the overall production. This role is one of management, requiring coordination of all aspect of the film crew to get the job done.

The Director is considered the principal creative artist on a film set. This person who responsible for the creative elements of the film, which includes how the film shoot is styled and edited. The director works closely with the actors and is tasked with ensuring they convey the emotions and mood required by the script.

The Director of Photography, or DOP, is a cinematographer who operates in conjunction with the director, to achieve the writer’s vision for the film/video should be styled.

Sound works to record the production of the sound during the film shooting, they liaise with the boom operator to ensure the sound is recorded during the film shoot, and edit the soundtrack

The Editor completes the editing on the film once it is shoot, working with the raw film footage to create the film sequence that complying with the script.

Once the production team is confirmed, it is time to organise a cast, production crew including cameramen, plus suitable locations to film at.

At this stage, a storyboard is often created to plan out the film shoot. This fundamental part of the filming planning process indicates how the film shoot will unfold.

It encapsulates every aspect of the shoot: how the shoot will look, what actors will wear, what props will be used where shooting will take place, and what lines will be said at that time.

Working with a storyboard ensures that your brand’s message remains the focal point of the video shoot, and  the script that conveys remains at the heart of the video content.

Production / Filming

At the production stage, cameras start rolling and the editor goes to work to capture the story.  As well as hair and makeup, high quality lighting and sound equipment ensure a professional finish.

Add in special effects and professional stunt actors and you have the basis for an innovative film production.

Plus with cameras shooting in HD from different angels to obtain the best possible footage, can be assured of innovative video content options.


Post-Production is the most tedious part of the filmmaking process, but arguably the most important for your business.

During film post-production, all film footage is reviewed and the best footage is cut and prepared to be shown to your audience.

Once the cut footage is confirmed as meeting your business objective, a music soundtrack is layered over the film to create depth and add emotion. Colours may be adjusted, and titles and voice overs may also be included.

After the final cut of film made, it will be compressed for optimal distribution.

Because high quality film creates a large file, it is important that your editing team compresses your web videos using different codecs.

Compressing your film allows your video content to be uploaded onto the internet and social media, and ensures you can use your new video content to reach your target market.

Invest in your business.


Hire skilled professional filmmakers to create exceptional video content that brings your business to life.


Apollo Films is experienced in creating high quality corporate videos using our client’s concepts. We are experts in film production and enjoy working with our clients to produce video content that solves business problems and engages customers.