Take Flight With Aerial Drones For Great Video Content

Aerial Drones For Great Video

Take Flight With Aerial Drones For Great Video Content

Wow your customers with thrilling footage that canvas every angle of your business from above. Show the expansive of your business operations or demonstrate the unique beauty of scenery to captivate viewers and encourage sales.


With the assistance of a remote control drone camera, you can provide your audience with an exciting birds eye view that adds a unique perspective to your video content.

How do video drones work?

A drone is a small aircraft that is designed to carry a camera and film video or still images without vibration.

The structure of a drone is either fixed-wing or multi-rotor and they are piloted by a radio control signal, guided by a remote control.


Drones first made their appearance in the military services, but their technology is now available for commercial use.

Previously the only way filmmakers could get aerial film footage was with a helicopter.

Now, thanks to the genesis of drone technology, creative and affordable flying video is available for your web videos and corporate video content.

With the ability to fly at low altitude, hover on one spot, circle targeted areas and fly at variable speeds, a drone aircraft can capture unparalleled video footage.

Drones come in all shapes and sizes, and each offer different quality video footage.

Capturing the best quality video depends on the type of drone that is used.

And with so many drones now on the market, there are a lot of features to consider:

  • The quality of camera installed in the drone
  • Software-features available on the drone, such as pre-flight route planning
  • GPS and autopilot, to allow the pilot to concentrate on filming not flying
  • The ability to complete or automate trick shots such as circling targeted areas, hovering or film with the drone stabilised or zoom
  • Video editing
  • Safety features including automatic return to home on low battery, emergency landing, object detection and collision avoidance
  • Live streaming with publishing software
  • Maximum length of flight time, plus maximum speed and distance the drone is capable of operating away from the controller.



What you may not know is that as a remotely piloted aircraft, or RPA, Australia’s safety laws in the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations require operator’s to be certified for flying a drone for economic gain.

This means that you are required by law to engage a professional to film your flying video content.

Want to capture some drone-based aerial video for your website? 


Get great flying aerial footage to use on your website or for social media. With Apollo Films we can help you create affordable, high quality video content that your customer’s enjoy. Contact us now.