5 Insider Tips for Creating a Promotional Video That Converts to Sales

Creating a Promotional Video

5 Insider Tips for Creating a Promotional Video That Converts to Sales

Promo videos are a wonderful business marketing tool. A high quality PR videos can be instrumental in boosting your brand’s sales or increasing the public’s awareness of your product or services.

However creating a promotional video that converts to sales is not as simple as it sounds. The most effective PR video will sell your business without being overtly pushy, and creative but not too complex.

At Apollo Films we are experienced in producing video content for promotional use, and our professional video production team knows what it takes to make a promo video that both meets your business goals and appeals to your audience.


Here are our 5 best tips for creating video content that converts to sales:


1. Successful promotional videos showcases a business and its products and services from the customers perspective.

Focus your on the benefit to the customer, whether that customer be another business or an individual user.

Use your video content to show your customer how you will solve their problems.

2. Remove the complexity.

In the genre of promotional videos there is a huge benefit to keeping your message simple.

Target one goal or purpose and use direct and simple communication to maintain your audience’s attention.

3. Beware the blatant sales pitch.

While your promo video should include a call to action, overtly ”salesly” video content will not engage an audience. In fact, it will only turn them away.

4. Keep it entertaining.

Creative promo videos are more memorable than serious scripts that regurgitate facts and figures about a product or service.

Humorous and lighthearted web videos are also more likely to be shared amongst online users.

5. Keep it short.

Don’t diminish the value of your carefully constructed message by failing to edit out unnecessary scenes and produce a needlessly long promo video.

Keep your audience connected until the very end.

The bottom line?

Short and simple videos with one purpose offer better chances of connecting with your audience.

Focus on originality and creativity, not boring long videos frantically overloaded with complex sales messages, and relate the benefit of your product or service to the customer in an entertaining way.

Got a lot information you want to share?

Allow the innovative team Apollo Films to work with you to create a series of promotional videos that showcases the features and functions of your business.

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