Training videos

Still from a training video

Training videos

Training videos: publish your knowledge

Have useful information to share? Want to use it for a passive income stream?

If you answered yes and yes, an online training course could help achieve your goals.

Why have a training course?

  • People with decades of experience have so much knowledge to share, which could be valuable to a wider audience.
  • You’ve been working hard for a long time – training videos help you capitalise on your expertise, enabling you to leverage your knowledge and get it out into the world without having to personally be in a classroom.
  • Educators ready for retirement or other projects – training videos can help you outsource your workload, to enable you to focus elsewhere
  • If you don’t share your knowledge, it could be lost – if your knowledge is unique or specialised, this could be valuable information to others.
  • Save resources – if travel is a big cost, training videos could put your training where it is needed, without the the physical and financial toll on your business.

Training and educational video courses can be hosted on a platform such as or on your website, if you want to maximise your website as a sales funnel.

Interested in finding out more about leveraging your knowledge? Ask us about training videos.