Successful social media videos for Brisbane bar

Still from promo video

Successful social media videos for Brisbane bar

Successful Videos for Social Media

Tuk Tuk Bar, in Brisbane’s inner suburb of Milton, has regular videos made by us, which they use to engage viewers on Facebook.

We make 30-second videos which they share on their social channels. The way to do this cost-efficiently is to film four 30-second videos in one session every month.

Content in the videos includes specials (such as weekend lunch special), occasions (such as Valentine’s Day), dishes (like the amazing whole fish dish), and features (family-friendly environment.

A number of videos we’ve made for them have achieved more than 1000 views on their Facebook page, and the most successful video – about their Bar Food Special – has an amazing 7600 views.

It has been shared several times and received many comments over an 8-week period, particularly from people who tagged their friends to the post – which contributed to the large number of views. Comments included customers inviting friends and leaving messages like “we should do this again”.

The successful video:


What’s great about this video is the short and sweet content and length – perfect for social media news feeds. The message is simple and clear. The warm, friendly feel of the video shares the experience of visiting Tuk Tuk Bar and its adjoining Temple Thai Restaurant. The upbeat music and editing hits the right tone for engaging viewers.


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