Profit From Video on Your Website Landing Page

Profit From Video on Your Website Landing Page

Investing in video content for your website’s landing page makes good business sense.

Landing pages are valuable online marketing tools. They are proven to increase sales and conversion rates.

As so much research shows, when a dynamic landing page is combined with the power of web videos, a well-designed landing page with relevant video content has the power to increase conversion rates by over 80 percent. In fact, some research even says you can expect conversions as high as 86 percent!

But before we look at videos on landing pages, let’s review what a landing page is!

Although they are sometimes confused with a website’s homepage, landing pages are anything but these. Landing pages are purpose built webpages created for a specific online campaign.

A landing page has a single goal, such as

  • To create immediate sales with specially formulated offers
  • To generate leads, or gather information about website visitors like email addresses, for example with an free offer for an email sign up
  • To build relationships, and start visitors on a sales-minded path by segmenting them to targeted webpages


In a nutshell, video content on a landing page can:

  • Keep visitors on your website longer
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Focus users on your sales message
  • Give your business the opportunity to show off your products and services
  • Increase trust
  • Deepen the connection with your audience

In Part Two we look at these reasons in more detail!