Welcomes You

As experts in video production service Apollo Films welcomes the opportunity to clients with specific ideas for their corporate video.

Professional Nina Bambino had a very specific idea of what she wanted to create in the welcome video for her small business, and we were so happy to work with her team to create exactly what she wanted.

She wanted to show the world how friendly their team is, highlight the new renovation, plus give viewers a chance to see the huge team they have. At the same time she didn’t want the video to be about dentist, instead she wanted the video focus on being about her team.

With these aims in mind, the team at Apollo Films were able to film content that focused on the client’s business goals, and the end result is customised quality branded video content.

Brand: NB Dental

Director: Deana Durisic

DOP: Owen Smith

Editor: Owen Smith

Production Company: Apollo Films

Video Content