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Apollo Films is lead by Film Producer, Actor and Professional Stunt Woman Deana Durisic.


Multi-talented Deana founded Apollo Films three years ago after starting working in the film industry from age 25.

As well as her extensive experience in the commercial film and video industry, Deana is an experienced businesswoman and understands the commercial realities business faces. She has operated her own successful businesses for 15 years in different industries, including a dance school and online shops.

However it is her passion for film that makes video production and filmmaking Deana’s focus.


Some of her achievements in the film industry over the last 10 years include highlights such as:

  • Working on a film produced by James Cameron, “Sanctum”
  • Working as a stunt actor on the Steven Spielburg film production, “Terranova”
  • Working alongside “The Rock” (Dwayne Douglas Johnson) as a stunt actor in the 2015 film “San Andreas”.
  • Deana performed as a stunt driver for “Shell” TV Commercials
  • Deana was a stunt performer in the 2012 film “Bait
  • In 2012, Deana worked as a stunt double on the film “Mental
  • She has produced a series of educational videos for an International Fortune 500 company Henry Schein Halas
  • She was a Producer on the short film “Sunny”


As well as being actively involved in the film industry, she has studied the professional elements of Film Producing.


Deana’s credentials in the filmmaking world reinforce her working knowledge of the film industry:

  • She studied film production at Bond University
  • She studied International business as well as Business consulting in Los Angeles, in the United States of America.

Deana brings and energetic approach to her video and filmmaking.

Her invaluable acting and film industry stunt acting experience, coupled with her captivating personality and hardworking attitude make her an asset to any video content production team.

Want to see Deana in action? Watch Deana’s showreel!


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