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Maeve McKenna – Film Writer, Director and Editor


Video director and editor Maeve McKenna


Maeve began her career with a bang, when she was invited to Cannes Film Festival to show the 15 minute short film she created about a child detective who sets out to solve the mystery of her missing mum.

She continues to grow, writing, directing and editing films and taking film students to exotic locations for crash courses in video-making in foreign lands.

Maeve found her way into film after beginning her career as an actor and wanting to have a better understanding of what happened behind the camera to help her in her roles. “I ended up liking being behind the camera better,” Maeve said. “And I discovered that knowing what it’s like to be in front of the camera helps me film and direct. I know how to help talent feel comfortable.”

Maeve is driven by the audience and what they get out of watching a film, seeing what they react to, and how that reflects on people and society.

Favourite movie: It changes, she says, but in terms of classics, The Basketball Diaries. “It’s completely driven by the performance of Leonardo Di Caprio and shows the other side of the ‘villain’, flipping the stereotype of an addict on its head.”

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