Offer Social Proof To Nab More Conversions

Offer Social Proof To Nab More Conversions

So you have heap of satisfied customers but are struggling to get more. And don’t know what where to go next with your online marketing campaign?

 Well of course the answer is video!

Not only has YouTube become the second largest search engine, but people are likely to stay on your website for 2 minutes longer if you have video content (ComScore).

And according to Asend2, customer testimonials, explainer tutorial videos, and demonstration videos the most effective types of video content used.

So what is social proof? Why do you need to know about it in video marketing?

People like to see others act before they do. The idea of social proof is that we take cues from others when we are unsure about what to do.

A good example is social media – a post can receive no, or only a couple of like, while a similar item of content can receive hundreds of likes and shares. This can be based on the thinking that if others are liking and sharing the content then it must be good.

When you offer Social Proof, you are providing a powerful tool for conversions. Your future customers are using the evidence that your product, service and brand work to base their buying decisions. In other words, because other people think it is good, it must be good.

How does social proof work?

  • The benefit of this genre of video content is that it adds further credibility to your brand, with customers able to tell their story and how they used your product or services to achieve their individual goals.
  • Credibility is attained by highlighting to your potential customers what success other past customers have obtained personal success with your products.
  • By detailing the background of your clients success story, and how your products or services were instrumental in helping your customer achieve their wonderful success, your brand becomes a crucial element to that success.
  • This informative video content is created via testimonials, interviews, and makes your brand relatable by giving a fresh perspective to customers.
  • By focusing on the end result achieved by the customer, and their personal benefits your audience has a new motivation to buy.

Types of marketing strategies that rely on social proof include:

  • Providing case studies.
  • Showcasing before and after photos with testimonial of what the client did to achieve their results, for example for weigh loss products, medical and dentistry services, beauty products and services, or home renovations.
  • Graphics of results and sales success (for B2B).
  • Interviews discussing experiences.
  • Our best tips for making testimonial video based on social proof work?
  • It may go without saying, but only use legitimate past customers. Never, ever make up a testimonial.
  • Make sure the content conversational. Let the client use their own words to describe their personal experience.
  • Keep the focus on the customer. Let their personality and experience take centre stage as they relive their experience. This is how true connections with your audience and brand will be made.
  • Focus on the personal journey and story. This form of testimonials are not the time for concentrating on branding. In fact, this will only turn off your audience.
  • Keep it genuine and don’t over edit the video.
  • Be specific and include details about how they used your product or service, including what they were doing before and how long it took for results, and any other incidental benefits.