Harness The Power Of A Call To Action

Harness The Power Of A Call To Action

It is a phrase used in digital marketing constantly, and like all industry jargon, it is prone to leave newcomers frowning at the computer screen.


A Call to Action, or CTA as some affectionately call it, is a motivating phrase that drives users to act in a particular way.

Including a call to action to motivate your audience is just good business sense.

Why go to the trouble of creating a website or webstore that offers products for sale combined with informative and motivating content if you are not going to work at converting your audience to customers?

Calls to action fail to convert when they fail to reinforce the sales message in simple but irresistible language.

An effective technique for prompting users to take an action and successfully obtain conversions is, you guessed it! Video content!

Websites that offer informational video content highlighting the benefits of their products or services, before their call to action, report increased clicks of up to 380%, and more conversions by up to 144%.

Ending your web video with a motivation to act, and showing your audience clearly what they should do next can improve your conversions.

Ideally, a call to action tells your audience what to do next: it confirms the next logical step in a process.

This message is often sublime, and can be as simple as listing your website details and pricing information.

You might direct users to follow you on Facebook or another form of social media.

Or it could be a directing them to input their details in a sign up form for a free trial, or show your audience where to sign up for your newsletter.

Whatever the step you ask your users to take, it should be a crucial step, and your message must be motivating to ensuring your audience take immediate steps.

The secret to including a call to action in corporate promo videos?

There is no doubt this can be tricky.

There is a balance between creating a web video that does not come off as a sales pitch, and one that motivates your users to take action right now.

Any video content that includes a call to action should focus firstly on being helpful and informative.

Entertaining your audience by telling a story and giving out valuable information.

If your video has engaged the audience and generated interest in your business, then your audience will naturally be thinking about what comes next.

Why is this important? When it comes time to making a call to action, your audience will be excited and motivated to follow through with your request.

With relevant, well-placed calls to action in your web videos, you can convert your website traffic to customers.

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