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SiteFinder media clipping from 4BC Radio

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We achieved a great success for our client SiteFinder, with our media services offered by Apollo Film’s media and marketing arm Apollo’s Agents, landing them an article in the business section of The Australian newspaper and on the Real Estate show on 4BC Radio. The success of this release helped them in reaching their target audience and shows their credibility.

The crafted press release, written by a journalism and media professional and approved by the client, was sent to a targeted list of journalists at newspapers, radio stations, TV and industry publications.


SiteFinder media clipping from 4BC Radio

SiteFinder on 4BC Radio, and featured on the website.

Listen to the radio interview with SiteFinder here.

SiteFinder in The Australian Newspaper

SiteFinder in The Australian Newspaper

Here’s the original press release:


Property development goldmine lands in your pocket

Millions of dollars’ worth of town planning research is now available within seconds, for anyone with a desire to develop property.

SiteFinder, the new tool set to revolutionise property development, gives unfettered property research power to DIY builders, development professionals, and anyone in between.

Entrepreneur town planner James Stott created SiteFinder to simplify property research, and discovered he was sitting on a town planning revolution.

Want to search a suburb for a flood-free property to subdivide? Or find a development site near a train station to build a multi-level apartment complex?

“I thought ‘there must be a better way than searching manually’,” Stott said.

“A town planner would take hundreds of hours to analyse a thousand properties, but SiteFinder can do it instantly.”

When subdividing, building units or a duplex, searching through a web of government rules and legislation is crucial.

“This research includes working out which of the various government rules apply to a site, local, state or federal, and drilling down into those rules to determine what can be done with the site,” Stott said.

“For example, what size and width must a property be for any given purpose, or is there protected vegetation on the site? Different planning legislation overlays change what you can do with a property.”

Stott said he realised town planning and development processes could be automated.

“So all the relevant information was put into one system, to work out which rules and overlays apply to any given site,” Stott said.

An experienced town planner can take 15 minutes to do a manual search on a specific property, and up to several hours to analyse the site and prepare a detailed report, charging between $250 and $500 for each individual property search. SiteFinder’s patented “Reverse Search” algorithm takes just seconds to search through multiple suburbs’ worth of properties, with a month-by-month subscription from $99.

Currently, SiteFinder covers all properties in Brisbane. It will be expanded to cover South-East Queensland early next year, and then step-by-step will be expanded across Australia.

Visit Site Finder at sitefinder.com.au


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